Thank you to Volunteers for All-District Chorus

Thank you to all the parents and families who donated food and/or volunteered their time to help out at All-District Chorus. We had plenty of food and drinks to offer the choral directors in the hospitality room. And thanks to our parent volunteers, the hospitality room, concessions, and all-state auditions ran smoothly. We really appreciate all you do for the Clover Hill chorus program!

Connie Severson, Volunteer Coordinator
Kim Negaard, ND Room Parent
Julie Wheeler, Iri Room Parent
Ric Engber, Acrop and River City Sound Room Parent
Rebecca Shepherd, Protégé Room Parent
Claudia Marlow, Bella Voce Room Parent
Wanda Gibson, Treble Room Parent

All-District Volunteers:
Lisa Anderson
Lucy Balch
Michelle Biby
Annette Brewer
Mary Ann Brooks
Cindi Cardea
Marianne Cole
Anne Combs
Suzanne Dale
Barbara Dillard
Ric Engber
Eloise Estrada
Deanna Friedel
Wanda Gibson
Anne Golden
Janai Gooch
Jennifer Higgins
Michelle Hinson
Wilton Johns
Kristin Kim
Joy Knight
Pat Kretzer
Janit Llewellyn
Leslie Maloney
Claudia Marlow
Pam Mason
Jeanne & Steve McClelland
Betsy McElfresh
Anne McNeil Early
Jetta Melling
Gwen Miller
Kim Negaard
Mary Ann Reid
Betty Salazar
Brenda Schettino
Connie Severson
Rebecca Shepherd
Kirsten Sisco
Ursula Smith
Pamela Sperbeck
Rose Tahara
Dawn Washington
Julie Wheeler