Does this sound like you?

Can’t Dance?  Can’t Sing?  Can’t Sew or put on False Eyelashes?
Haven’t been able to go to the out of town competitions?

Have wanted to help all year but were not sure how?
Want to see the performances on Saturday without having to pay admission?

Have we got opportunities for you!!!!!!

This Saturday, March 9th, we still have need of people to send in the following food items:  drinks, wrapped baked goods/snacks, fresh fruit, burger buns, coleslaw, salad, and soup.

We also need people on Saturday to help in the following areas:
Kitchen help (serving food), Cashier help, Ticket Sales (You can sit down for this one!), Auditorium Doors, and Security (Inside or outside, your choice, everything from walking the halls, parking lot directing, helping people find their way in the building, etc.)

 To sign up for food items: To sign up to donate food/drinks for the kitchen/concession areas click here:
To sign up to donate food for the Hospitality area click here:

To sign up to help in person: To sign up to volunteer your time on March 9th click here:

If you don’t want to use the sign up genius, please email one of our parent volunteers to let them know where you can help:

Connie Severson

Janai Gooch

Lynda Chapman

Kim Negaard