To All Mid-Atlantic Show Choir Spectacular Volunteers

To All Mid-Atlantic Show Choir Spectacular Volunteers,

The 2013 Mid-Atlantic Show Choir Spectacular is now over and it is my hope that all of you have had an opportunity to reflect upon the spectacular day it was. What a wonderful group of people you are, and you should all be very proud of what you accomplished. I heard so many wonderful comments from our students, other competing students, directors, and many other people regarding how helpful and kind everyone was. What more could we ask for!

We had hundreds of students from various schools plus the paid admissions and you all played a very important role in making the event run so smoothly. I was personally amazed by your fabulous attitudes throughout the entire day, even when many of you were not scheduled to work, you were seen helping out! Thanks to all of you, the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Show Choir Spectacular will be recorded as a very successful event and quite possibly again as our largest fundraiser of the year. Whether you gave of your time, or donated items, or gave of your time and donated items, you are the ones that made the difference!

This event continued to build upon the past two successful years being a very consistent, participation-friendly program. We have now set the foundation to see our competition grow. This year we had three out of state schools participate, and had one additional competing choir over last years record number. What a positive pattern!
I also want to let you all know, that as the CHHS Choral Booster Board it is one of our goals, to grow this annual competition into a fund raising event that will make noticeable financial impact towards your student and future chorus students overall costs. With your help I have no doubt we will be successful in this effort.
A great big “Thank You” and “Congratulations” goes out to all of you!

Lenny Chapman
President, CHHS Choral Boosters 2012-13