Show Choir’s Jail-A-Thon Is This Friday!

The Jail-a-thon fundraiser needs your support. Please incarcerate your friends this Friday.
The idea behind the Jail-a-thon is that for $5 you issue a warrant for a student to be taken out of class and put in the school’s fundraising prison. They have to stay in jail until they raise $20 in bail from their friends and family. If they can’t raise bail in an hour, they will be released –hopefully to be arrested again through another loving warrant.
This program is also open to adults. The kids can arrange to arrest their teachers, their parents, their grandparents for a $10 warrant. Then the parents need to raise $50 in order to be free on bail. Adults can coordinate the participation of their co-workers with the consent of their management –and, maybe even arrest the managers, too.
The idea is to have fun and raise money for the Show Choir.
Students will find the Jail-a-thon table in the cafeteria during lunch. Adults who can participate, please contact Mitzi Ford and Brooke Mancini on the details on how you spend some “quality time” with a great bunch of kids in the Clover Hill Hoosegow.
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