Post Halloween Bargain Hunting?

Hello everyone – We have a new fundraiser in the works for next year.  We are planning a kid friendly Haunted House (insert canned scream here).  What we would like to ask is while you are out and about as the Halloween clearance starts (yea 50% to  75% off) to please think about items you wouldn’t mind donating as decorations.  Items like plastic skulls, rubber rats, fake spiders, candelabras, and the like or items that could be used for costumes (lab coats, black capes).  Hoping we can get a good collection for a budget price.  Nothing gory, please – we are thinking more Frankenstein, Mad Scientist, etc,..not  terrifying.  For questions you can contact Lynne at home #379-8333 (mom to Alex from ND).  Thanks and have a spooky Halloween.