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Choral Shirt Order Form

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Choral Parent Volunteer Form 2016-2017: Online  or Printable

Choral Booster Membership Form for 2016-2017

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Information and forms regarding prescriptions:

This is a copy of the Controlled Medications form that needs to accompany the Student Medication Administration Record (SMAR) for any controlled substances. This would include: Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta (for ADD/ADHD); any narcotic pain medications (ie: Percocet); ONLY SEND THE NUMBER OF PILLS THAT WILL BE NEEDED FOR THE DURATION OF THE TRIP. ALL medications need to be in a pharmacy prescription bottle/box with the pharmacy label adhered. Any medications for a weekend/overnight field trip will come directly to the faculty in charge of the field trip.

Information and form for over-the-counter medications:

Here is a copy of the Student Medication Administration Record (SMAR). Please print this off, complete and sign to have ready for any student medications that may need to be on a weekend or overnight trip. If a student has permission to self carry as indicated on their Emergency Action Plan (the old health alert), they do NOT need an SMAR completed.

CONTACT for the above two forms: Pat Kretzer (804) 338-1278.






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