About Acropolis:

Under the direction of Sandra Thomas, Acropolis is the premiere A Cappella choral group of Clover Hill High School in Midlothian, Virginia. Acropolis is composed of talented artists who excel in sight-reading and proper vocal technique. Students study various styles and genres of music ranging from “classical” Bach to the popular, present day “pop” Lady Gaga. Acropolis attends both winter and spring choral concerts, as well as attending and consistently winning top honors in various “rock-a-pella” competitions held during the spring in the Richmond Metro Area. Acropolis also volunteers for various fundraising and charity events in and around the community to share their superior talent.

The Singing Talent for 2016-17:

David B
Phillip C
Mary C
Taylor E
Katie F
Anthony F
Mackenzie G
Angel I
Kennedy J
Armani M
Sage M
Lucia P
Katherine P
Noah P
Kenny P
Haley R
Maddison S
Madelyn S
Keith S
Olivia S
Austin W
Donavin W