About Iridescence:

Daniel Webster states that Iridescence is that which is brilliant, lustrous, or colorful in effect or appearance.  Clover Hill High School’s girls show choir is just that!  They are a group of talented singers/dancers with a live combo, otherwise known as “Big Cheeks”!  This group competes across the nation consistently winning Grand Champion Awards as well as numerous caption awards.  They have dazzled audiences from Indiana to Virginia, winning Division Grand Championships, Best Choreography, Best Vocal Quality, Best Combo, Best Show Design and Best Set Design throughout their competition seasons.  With their luscious sound, their sassy choreography and their fresh look they leave audiences screaming for more!  Iridescence has competed in Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, and Tennessee, where they performed at Show Choir Nationals on the Grand Ole Opry stage.  Each year, Iridescence shares in hosting their own invitational, the Mid-Atlantic Show Choir Spectacular which will be held this coming year February 18, 2017.  Iridescence is looking forward to another exciting competition season!

The Line-Up for 2016-17:

Ariel A
Isabelle A
Taylor B
Olivia B
Aleyah C
Elizabeth D
Asya D
Abigial F
N’daya G
Nia J
Megan K
Cydney K
Candace L
Courtney M
Armani M
Bernie M
Jada M
Kellen M
Rachel M
Willmara M
Olivia O
Morgan P
Elizabeth R
Moriah R
Morgan S
Lexi S
Leah S
Allie S
Miya S
Maddie S
Makenna T
Brigid T
Teresa W
De’Angela W