New Dimensions


About New Dimensions:

Under the direction of Mrs. Sandi Thomas, with choreography by Antwon Chavis, New Dimensions is the premier show choir at Clover Hill High School.  They are composed of talented singers/dancers and a live combo, (THE Best Band in the Land) otherwise known as “Big Cheeks”!  This group competes across the nation consistently winning Grand Champion and numerous caption awards.  New Dimensions routinely brings home Best Choreography, Best Vocal Sound, Best Combo, Best Set Design, Best Show Design as well as Best Vocal Solo Awards throughout their season.  Additionally, ND volunteers their talents for local charity functions.  New Dimensions  participates in Festival where they regularly receive superior ratings.  Over the years,  New Dimensions has competed in Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, New York and Tennessee.  They ended their 2012-2013 season on the Grand Ole Opry stage at Show Choir Nationals in Nashville, Tennessee.  They will return to compete in Nationals in Nashville in 2015 as well as venturing to Alabama and Connecticut.   Each year, Clover Hill Show Choirs host their own invitational, the Mid-Atlantic Show Choir Spectacular which will be held this coming February 18, 2017!

The Roster for 2016-17:

Niahlie A
Ariel A
Isabelle A
Daniel A
Alex B
Jack B
Alexander B
Joseph C
John E
Kyree F
Regan F
Quintrell H
Nia J
Lindsay J
Megan J
Megan K
Kayla K
Cydney K
Gabrielle L
Molly M
Courtney M
Bernadette M
Emily M
Ethan O
Thomas O
Kara P
Noah P
Kenny P
Eric R
Andrew R
Tiara R
Connor R
Patrick S
Morgan S
Jolie S
Madelyn S
Keith S
Kyle T
Benjamin T
Brigid T
Trent V
Joshua W
Teresa W
Sydney W
Julia W
Austin W